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Even now, when cremation is fast becoming the preferred alternative to burial, people still come to us to learn more about the cremation process. If you have ever asked “what is cremation”, this page was written for you.

The Cremation Process

Cremation has been around for centuries but there have been many changes in the process over the last half-century. Today, families can choose either traditional cremation or alkaline hydrolysis.

Cremation Options

Do you think cremation is right for you, or a loved one? We provide a selection of cremation options designed to meet your financial and emotional needs.

Alternative Options

The latest innovation in cremation is a process of alkaline hydrolysis, sometimes called resomation. The process was developed in the United States in the late 1990s. The Cremation Association of North America describes the process as “a water-based dissolution process for human remains that uses alkaline chemicals, heat, and sometimes agitation and-or pressure, to accelerate natural decomposition”.

Frequently Asked Questions

For common cremation-related questions, read through our FAQ section. In here you will learn about topics such as options with ashes, urns, how long the process takes, and how special items are treated.

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