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If I could, I would give Cherished Family Funeral Home 10 stars! There are so many great things to say about them. They are so welcoming and helpful. They know exactly what families need and guide in the right direction. Thank you for providing a reputable and trusting funeral home for the community.

– Lindsay Mattson

Cherished Memories Funeral Home took care of everything my family needed after my grandmother passed away. The owner, Cecil Martin, ensured that my family’s needs were met and that my grandmother’s wishes were honored. He made a very difficult day into a peaceful and loving experience for my family. I would highly recommend this funeral home to anyone in need of this type of service.

– Jennifer Gregerson

I recommend Cherished Memories to anyone in need because the staff are extremely professional and understanding. The moment I walked in to the location there was a calming presence and throughout the journey they have made everything as easy as possible. Michael specifically has been amazing and I do appreciate him for helping myself out and so many others.

– Hannah Fratina

It was such a beautiful experience. The atmosphere was calming and inviting. The officiator Fr. Alex Ignacio was absolutely amazing. And the Video was the icing on the cake. Thank You for relieving our stress and burdens during such a trying time.

– Mary Sanchez

Number one funeral home in the area. The service is exceptional and staff is always courteous, warm, friendly and extremely professional. I highly recommend their services.

– Garrett Martin

I help families to find FHs. Cherished Memories is a place for families to feel welcome, staff is very compassionate and prices are affordable. Thank you for the services provided, every time that I send a family there, Thanks

– L S

I highly recommend Cherished Memories. They are professional and dedicated to making difficult transitions for your loved ones. Losing a loved one is very hard, so to have support from an experienced company is so important. Boni was very helpful and kind. Thank you to everyone at Cherished Memories for your support.

– Danielle

I’m from out of town and my father pre-arranged everything years ago, even so, they never tried to sell me even an urn (not picked out already). I ended up buying an urn there, having been able to peruse at my leisure. They were very professional, kind, caring and compassionate. They were open and willing to help in any way possible. They were even patient when I was unable to run down and pick up his ashes when they were ready, they were not pushy, at all. I would recommend to everyone 100%.

– Jme Senatore-Solorzano

Michael and the staff were amazing. I was treated gently and kindly. The service exceeded what I paid for. He did everything I asked him to do even if it made him look/feel like a bad guy. I know some people were upset because it didn’t go the way they thought it should. But I paid for it and it was done exactly like I asked. Thank you again for helping us say goodbye to Charles.

– Glenda Lima

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